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René PETIT Soldier during WWI 56th regiment of artillery Aisne and Belgium campaigns



On the eve of celebrating the armistice day and the 100th anniversary of world war I, let’s have a deep thought for all our soldiers.

They could have been our sons, our brothers, our fathers. Generation gap has placed them to the rank of grand-fathers, then great grand-fathers or uncles.

If sorrow fades away with time, bewilderment grasps us with the horror of such a war. Fear and pain that our soldiers had to endure have turned into a powerful and dull cry – so that we don’t forget. 

D Day

♦♦♦♦ 6th of June 2019 – 75th anniversary of Overlord.

A deep thought for all our soldiers who died in Normandy.

Young soldiers



Maréchal des Logis Christian TASTET and his brother Lieutenant Armand TASTET

Christian TASTET was starting his military career in the 25th regiment of Artillery in Strasbourg              Armand was a pupil of Saint-Cyr College at Coëtquidan (Morbihan, France)