Family book


When writing your family history, add the photographs of your ancestors. If you have military ancestors, it would be very interesting for your chidren to know their career or at least their name, regiment, grade and enlisting date.

♦♦♦ These documents can be consulted and discussed when having a family gathering.

♦♦ Don’t forget to write down names and dates (possibly location) on the photograph.



My ancestor was a sailor

Daniel BEGU

Daniel BEGU – 1939

Rene TASTET’s nephew.

Daniel joined the Navy in 1939 as a radio engineer on a warship called “Le Malin” (‘The Cunning’).

After the war, he worked as an aircraft assistant. He became Mayor of Martignas en Jalle, a French town in Bordeaux area.

Christian TASTET

Captain Christian TASTET reviewing Ivory Coast Gendarmerie – Abidjan 1962
Demonstration of farmers
My father Captain Christian TASTET (center) facing angry farmers (France 1967). Dordogne – France
Char Papi
Lieutenant Christian TASTET (top right)
on his light Chaffee tank
French Gendarmerie in Thionville (east of France)

My military ancestor World war II

Nicolas GRAND
Re-enlisted in 1939 in motorized cavalry
Surrounded by his children Margot, François, Nicole
In front of their house Charlemagne Bld in Thionville (east of France) 1940
(GRAND archives)

My mother Nicole remembers :

When I heard the war had been declared, I just sat on the pavement and cried