Char Papi

14th regiment of artillery

“Baptism” of Chaffee tanks in Lorraine – France – 1951

My father Lt Christian TASTET is standing in the 2nd tank.

Chaffee tanks

Family book


When writing your family history, add the photographs of your ancestors. If you have military ancestors, it would be very interesting for your chidren to know their career or at least their name, regiment, grade and enlisting date.

♦♦♦ These documents can be consulted and discussed when having a family gathering.

♦♦ Don’t forget to write down names and dates (possibly location) on the photograph.


My ancestor was a sailor

Daniel BEGU

Daniel BEGU – 1939

Rene TASTET’s nephew.

Daniel joined the Navy in 1939 as a radio engineer on a warship called “Le Malin” (‘The Cunning’).

After the war, he worked as an aircraft assistant. He became Mayor of Martignas en Jalle, a French town in Bordeaux area.